Do something you hate to look good. / by Paluna Santamaria



Above are a few statements I read on an article few months ago. The piece showcased few exercises to be done at the park which got me excited right away, sadly I was soon disappointed. 

This article had so much potential. It could've promoted movement as a way to reduce stress, spend more time with your loved ones and generally live a happier life. Instead, the writing and choice of exercises suggested people should only exercise to look better or because the doctor says it's good for you. 

When I read it, I was so upset I went on a Facebook rant which I rarely do. This rant, ended up being a good thing so Im going to share it with you today: 

"There's room for all of us in this fitness world. The ones who exploit the industry by telling you you need to work out to look a certain way, the ones who practice something three times, take two certs, train a few friends and call themselves an expert and the ones who after years of training still view themselves as beginners, the ones who only teach what they've mastered, the ones who have such respect for their students and teachers that wouldn't dare to call themselves an expert or a master of anything. Working out and training are not the same thing. For all of you who get it, who get that moving is not a chore is a gift we've been given. All of you who are full of curiosity and understand that having control of your body goes way beyond pretty clothes and cute bums. Training has no end destination. It's the journey what makes it worth it. It is not a punishment for what you ate or something you do to "fix" your body. You are not broken, it's your mindset that needs work."

As someone who spent the majority of her teen years in a dysfunctional household. I can say that being active kept me sane and happy.  

You are bored because you are not paying attention. Because your mind is so narrow that you can only see what's right in front of you. 

I'm posting now because I'm no longer angry which seems like the best time to express my thoughts.  

I just hope one day you  realize that nothing magical happens when you get the cute bum or the shredded abs. Magic happens when you shift your focus and allow yourself to move.