You are alive, there's no reason to be bored. / by Paluna Santamaria

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear” -Nelson Mandela


I've done things in life that most people would consider brave. The truth is. The majority of those times I have been terrified.

Friends ask me how. How did you manage to get through with that?

I just did, because that's the thing with fear, you either embrace it or you sit there paralysed.

I felt like running away , hiding, pretending I was sick. I thought of all the possible excuses but not following through always seemed worse.

Throughout the difficult times, I promised myself that I would never let life kill the sparkle in my eyes. I promised myself that I would remain playful and I would try to smile every day.

Some days all I had to get me through was my athletic practice. No matter how hard life got, if I could spend a moment moving my body I knew I would be able to keep those promises.

My body kept me safe. Movement kept me sane. I could be sad, angry, frustrated or happy.

Movement helped me breathe a little deeper.

Without my yoga practice, my athletic practice, music and journaling I'd probably be heavily medicated. Thankfully, I've never felt the need to experiment with drugs of any kind.

In my job, I have daily encounters with individuals who have also found emotional and physical healing in movement.

Every day I witness and experience the power of a still mind and an active body.

I invite you to stop exercising and start training, get strong, get moving. Do it with passion, do it smart. Follow a program, or don't. Be clear on what you want. Ask for it and go for it.

Stop doing it for looks, for fame, for recognition. Take a second away from social media. Don't compare yourself to others. Do your thing and do it with love for yourself, because the better human being you become, the better the world becomes.

To that article I read the other day which inspired me to write this; you are right, exercising is damn boring so stop and go find purpose. Don't show me another picture of a cute girl doing moves she doesn't want to do but she does them anyways because #butts and #thighs.

Training is the perfect analogy to life. There's grey days and sunny days. No matter what goes on, you still have to open your eyes at some point and look at the challenges right in the face, look at the happiness right in the face, embrace all of it, learn from it, experience it.

Please look around. The world is full. Look a little further, dig a little deeper. It will be scary sometimes but I promise you, It will not be boring if you allow yourself to move like no one is watching.

Open your eyes, you are alive, there is no reason to be bored.