ONE WORD CLUB: more than exercising / by Paluna Santamaria

What's the word, the phrase, the song, the mantra that motivates you to get up, to keep going, to excel? 
Is there something missing in your training? Do you feel like you have no direction? 

This class was born thanks to a group of inspiring women who wanted to take the next step in their training.  Women who wanted more than the same bootcamp style class offered everywhere: lots of sweat, lots of pain, not a lot of education. 

One Word Club for me represents doing things with a purpose and understanding of why you are doing them. Ask better questions, to yourself and to your teacher; Why is this exercise placed in this section of the class and not later? What is the purpose of it? Is this conducive to my goals? What are my goals? Is there a better way? 

I strongly believe that doing things with a purpose will lead to a more fulfilling experience in the end. Wether your goals take longer than you planned or they end up changing, what you learn in the process is way more valuable than simply showing up for the sake of it. The "it's better than nothing" mentality won't get you anywhere. If you are injured, drained, depressed; maybe staying home to recover, calling your mom or going for a walk is better than showing up to do a half assed job. Understanding your body, knowing when to push hard and when to back off is part of the process. This is why One Word Club is different. 

Without purpose you are dragging yourself through life, and I don't know about you but during my time in this world I want to do something worth doing, I want to enjoy every moment. I want to learn as much as I can. I want to be better every day and showing up is the first step but is not the only one. 

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