The Reward System / by Paluna Santamaria

At the end of a long, gruelling day- when you find yourself tired, over worked and hungry, we all know that it’s easy to use food (or beverages) as a well deserved reward. A nice glass of wine to help you unwind or a cupcake to treat yourself for dessert. Ouff. Sometimes those treats do the body good. And this is kind of reward system is totally fine every now and again. HOWEVER- Food based rewards can become a habit and can throw your macros off in a BIG way.

Solution to this? Prepare in advance.

Preparing in advance means creating a physical list of a Reward System for yourself that isn’t Food Based or is a healthy alternative! Jot down a list of ideas and strategies that will help you unwind or recoup at the end of a long day and that will keep you on track with your goals in focus. You can even create this list in the “notes” section of your phone to make sure that it’s always near by and on hand.

Here are a couple ideas:

Dairy free- all natural ice cream. Google a recipe and keep ingredients on hand. 

A phone date and a cup of hot tea with your bestfriend

Schedule a Float or massage (knowing that you have a special event for yourself coming up takes the edge off)

Prep your morning outfit and promise yourself 15 extra sleep minutes in the morning.

Curl up for 30 minutes of guilt free reading / or coloring

What else could you add to this list that isn’t a food specific reward?