Follow through Friday / by Paluna Santamaria


The Tune-In Nutrition team strongly believes that attitude is everything. We work with each client individually to ensure they get to a point in their journey were they no longer need our services. 

The toughest part of any program is letting go of old patterns and building new habits. To achieve long lasting results and get out of the diet mentality we must change our attitude; one step at a time. Easy to say right? We know, just keep reading. 

What if instead of dreading Monday you decided to be excited for the week ahead? What if you chose one thing to look forward to? 

What if instead of the TGIF Im going to forget about my goals, eat everything in sight just because it's there mentality you chose to take a deep breath and ask yourself: do I really want that beer? Do I need an entire pizza? Somedays the honest answer will be yes, those days go for it, enjoy it and move on! However, often times we make less optimal choices to make-up for areas in our lives we are unhappy with. 

So let's start simple, with the things we can control.

Enter FOLLOW THROUGH FRIDAY. We won't call it a challenge. We will call it a choice. You choose to follow through because you know this will benefit you. 

This is how it works: 

On Friday, pick one thing that will help you improve your physical, mental or emotional health. Write it on a piece of paper and place it somewhere visible.

Take a picture of your words or an image that represents your choice, post it on Instagram

Tag @tunein.nutrition using the hashtags #FTF #FollowThroughFriday 

The following Friday let us know how it went by posting a new item to add or by repeating the same one. 

Remember to start small. Don't stress if you mess up or forget one day, just start again as soon as possible. We are building a habit. Something that will become part of your routine. 

Here are some examples: 

  • I will drink one full glass of water upon wakening. 
  • I will wake up 10min before my usual time to have alone quiet time to do whatever I want. 
  • I will take 5 calming breaths every morning before getting out of bed or every night before I sleep. 
  • I will take a non-rushed walk in my neighbourhood. 

Not a fan of social media? No problem. Follow the same steps minus the Instagram part. The point is to make it work.