It goes like this: life happens, stress appears. The more stressed we become the more we stop taking care of ourselves so we become more stressed. 

I have an idea. Let's not do that anymore.

Here are three simple things to do ideally everyday but specially when stress piles up:


1. Eat well: this is how we function and rebuild from our day. Prep your food in advance with things that satisfy you. You need balanced meals often and consistently to compete against the stress your body is experiencing from training, life or both. 


2. Find down time: relax, breathe, walk, meditate. Apps like Calm (my fave) or Headspace (very popular but I can't stand the guy's voice, sorry dude) are a great altrenative, you can choose anything from 2-30min meditations. Nothing super hippie (nothing wrong if you are into it)  simple mindfullness. ALWAYS make time for this, it will go a long way to support recovery and rebalance stress


3. Move: Try not to take up an all or nothing approach with training. Make it a goal to do something that makes you sweat and brings your heart rate up each day. Sometimes a brisk walk listening to your favourite music is all you need. 


Now let's be honest. You will forget this list exists because well, life happens and stress happens so how about you print it out or write this down somewhere visible, perhaps in the kitchen or by the bathroom mirror? Just an idea.

Have a chill Tuesday and check back next week :)