Tune- In Tuesday Tips // Nutrition on the road / by Paluna Santamaria

Busy busy busy- Just because you have to travel for work, doesn’t mean that you should be throwing your nutrition out the window. Buckle in with these quick tips on how to Tune-In and travel….

Do your research- Local restaurants, grocery stories, hotel menus. Find where and how to find food ahead of time. 

Get a Fridge- Did you know that most hotel rooms offer a fridge in your room IF you ask for one? It might only be a mini fridge, but that will be enough to help store some fresh veggies and fruit and help you to stay on track with meal prep. If you’re super keen you can even pack some tupperware. This will help you pack your food for the day, just like at home. If you worry about the tupperware taking up space in your bag, you can always pack your clothes, socks etc INSIDE them.  

Protein- This macronutrient is one is the hardest to keep up while travelling. Pack your protein to go: beef jerky, tuna cans, protein powder, greek yogurt. If you’re once again worried about space pack ziplock bags, or disposable containers you can throw as you consume (ideally biodegradable).

You can even measure out your protein in advance in separate baggies and skip the guess work. The best part of travelling with your protein powder is that you already know how much protein it has and you’re already used to incorporating it in your day!

Tracking- If you track your macros, don't stop tracking now, or at least track your protein. Carbs and fats will be easily available. This way you'll have a rough idea how balance your intake is. 

Photos- As with ANY time you’re eating out or on the go, take photos of your food! You'll want to try and find out where you're going to eat in advance and plan what you're going to order and how you'll modify it. And then when the plate hits the table- Snap before you bite! At the end of the day you can guesstimate portions. While this isn't an exact science, it is the best solution (short of carrying a pocket scale) when eating out! 

Don't show up hungry- if you can, eat a whole balanced meal before heading to the airport, if you are in a short flight chances are you won't need to eat plane food. If your flight is long have some snacks with you or enjoy what the place offers without the unnecessary extras: peanuts, pretzels, etc

Same goes for meetings or conferences. You never know what will be offered as snacks so try to show up full so when the treats show up you can either avoid them or enjoy them without devouring a tray of chips because you were too hungry. 

Don't panic- Chances are if you are travelling for work you already have enough things to worry about. Do your best. Choose whole foods as often as possible, drink water, and practice moderation. Nothing terrible is going to happen if you have a slice of pizza. Get some nutritious items in you as soon as you can. Remember the higher quality your food is the more efficiently your body and brain functions. You don't want to be the one falling asleep in a meeting because you ate half a pizza right? And if that ends up happening, you have the rest of the day to make better choices :) 

What other tips do you have when you travel? Add them in the comments below!

If you stay calm and plan ahead- you'll Tune- In and travel with success!