TUNE-IN nutrition TUESDAY TIPS: Quality Foods For Crystal Clear Frequency / by Paluna Santamaria


Tuning into quality can sometimes feel like trying to find a radio frequency. You go through days of almost clear and then get some weird feed back and adjust a little, before you get some awful results and then boom- you hit the sweet spot. You find a crystal clear balance of macros and quality foods.


We could all hit our recommended macros every day by filling them with lettuce, beer, protein bars, cookies or fried chicken. Choosing foods that “technically” fit into your macros but are filled with crap might give you some kinda view of your results, but it won’t be crystal clear or energizing for your body. You’ll still be getting that radio feedback of mix results. While we know that every now and again you need to eat something less than desirable because you’re out and in a pinch, listen to the feedback you’re getting when you do that and adjust by reaching for that quality whole food when you can to find your perfect station. You’ll be singing with joy when your macros meet quality food.