Using Community for Success: A note from Tune-In Member Patricia Allison / by Paluna Santamaria

Hi Tune-In Team! A little note about my experience on Tune-In and sharing a little love…


I’m currently on my second 12 week cycle of Tune-In. The last round I did was when I needed to cut weight for a weight class during my weight lifting competitions in the Fall and now this round one I’m maximizing my energy and efficiency as prep for the upcoming show I’m dancing in.


Oh boy, do I ever love these people and this community! While the journey hasn’t always been easy, it’s been worth it. I’ve seen some great success and felt amazing. But, I wouldn’t be able to do it without this kick ass community of support. Big thanks to the brilliant Paluna and LoveDeep who are informative and clear and always available to answer questions.  I went into this thinking that I knew everything I needed to about my body and eating, but have learnt so so much and I’m excited to learn more.


But you know what else makes Tune-In super great? Every single one of you! The Facebook and community support is amazing. It would be impossible without all of you. It helps that I work with and work out next to folks that are on a similar path to me. I always say “surround yourself with greatness and good things will happen” and I really do here! It makes the world of difference to me to be able to look over and ask advice or share my experience with a buddy who knows what I’m going through. In my darkest moments when I’m on a low-fat week or craving for some carbs, I love that I’m able to reach out and hear other personal stories and get first hand advice. I hope you all know that if you need recipe ideas or just an ear to listen- I’ll be there for you too.


Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a community junkie- I believe it takes a whole village of support to make goals come true and that’s why I love Tune-In Nutrition.