Tune-In TUESDAY Tips // What your mind does isn't the point / by Paluna Santamaria

Few weeks ago I decided to expand my meditation practice to help me get out of a procrastination rut so I started the  "7 days of focus" program using the mindfulness app "Calm"

I was pretty motivated to start so I decided to apply the principles suggested right away and blog to keep me accountable. You can read my previous posts below:  



I did great for few days. I wrote things down and I got them done but then as it can happen when trying to build new habits. I skipped a day, then another and well here I am starting again. Honestly, the fact that I wrote about it is what forced me to get back on the horse and pick up where I left. Just to show you how powerful accountability is, so here we go! 

**Disclaimer: content from the app has been edited for the purposes of this blog**

DAY 3 "Seven days of focus"  DEEPENING CONCENTRATION

"What your mind does isn't the point, your awareness of what the mind does is the point" 

Practice began by defining the following concepts: 

FOCUS- the ability to narrow down our attention on something. 

CONCENTRATION- the ability to maintain focus.

MINDFULNESS- the ability to notice when we've been swept away and bring ourselves back. Awareness of what's happening from moment to moment. 

Takeaways from today's practice: 

  • The easiest most efficient way to deepen concentration is by being aware of the breath. The more we practice bringing attention to the breath the more we'll be able to apply this principle to our daily life. 
  • A wandering mind is expected. There is no need to judge or get upset when it happens. 

Solutions to prevent distractions:

  • Create a workspace clean and orderly: each morning when you wake up, declutter your space.
  • Wear headphones or earplugs. 
  • Close the door.
  • Cater to your physical needs, i.e. make sure you have a comfortable chair, water and a snack in case you get hungry, this way you'll avoid trips to the kitchen. 
  • Turn off notifications and set a timer to focus exclusively on your task. 

Even still distractions will happen, instead of getting upset when they happen, choose to get back to your task right away. Perhaps take 3-5 full breaths as a way to bring you back into the present moment. 

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