Lately I've been procrastinating more than I want to so I've decided to replace my morning meditation with one of the many mindfulness programs offered by the app Calm called "7 days of focus"

Last week I reflected on daily distractions and how they influence my productivity. I committed (as suggested by the app) to practice AWARENESS. 

By practicing awareness I was able to identify my biggest distractions: social media and texts. I took action by logging off Instagram and deleting my Facebook app (sorry Facebook). This makes it harder for me to scroll through while waiting for the bus or waiting in line at a coffee shop.

I also realized I tend to respond to texts as soon as I receive them and sometimes that leads into useless time on the phone. I now only engage in the conversations I truly want to engage in at that moment and respond only to important messages on the spot. The rest can wait. 

Day 2 is dedicated to PRIORITIZATION. I'm excited for this one :)

Here are some excerpts from today's practice: 

**Disclaimer: content from the app has been edited for the purposes of this blog**

1. Every morning when you wake up, clarify what you want to focus on: goals, tasks, short or long term goals. Just think about them.

2. Review the tasks of your to do list, select one.

3. Get to work. Turn your phone off.

4. Concentrate on it the way you concentrate on your breath. There will be distractions. Expect them. When this happens, bring the attention back to that one task as you do with your breath.

5. One task is less overwhelming and easy to manage than ten.

I will summarize today's practice with this quote straight from the program:

"When we allow ourselves to be distracted we are giving things that are of low importance undue attention. This is why we need to be mindful of our priorities."

Come back next Tuesday and don't forget to stay calm ;)