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Last week I promised I'd let you in in my podcast obsession by sharing one of the many I listen in a week (or a day).  I will continue to do so but today I'm letting you in my meditation practice instead.

I've been practicing different types of meditation since I was six years old, with some on and off strikes through my teens because no teenager wants to listen to her dad telling her to meditate daily because it's good for her (yeah that was my dad). 

Last year, meditating became a little more challenging. Old anxiety issues I hadn't experienced in a few years came back. Luckily, I know meditating makes this issues manageable so in search of something to keep me accountable I did some research and discovered my favourite meditation app: "CALM" check "Mindfulness and Mindfulness Apps" for the full review

Lately I've been procrastinating more than I want to, so today I decided to replace my morning meditation with one of the many mindfulness programs offered by Calm called "7 days of focus"

Day 1 is dedicated to AWARENESS

  Here are some excerpts from today's practice: 

**Disclaimer: content from the app has been edited for the purposes of this blog**

1. Attention is a limited resource. Distractions are everywhere. 

2. Noticing when our attention has drifted away is the first step to bringing it back.

3. Don't worry when your mind wanders. This is what minds do. Just to notice when it does and use it as an opportunity to bring it back just as you do with your breath. 

4. The practice is about noticing our habits and patterns.

5. Keep returning to your breath over and over. There is no right or wrong, it's the practice what matters. 

6. The first step to CHANGE is to be AWARE. 

That is all friends. Check back next week and don't forget to stay CALM ;) 

TUNE-IN nutrition TUESDAY TIPS: Quality Foods For Crystal Clear Frequency by Paluna Santamaria


Tuning into quality can sometimes feel like trying to find a radio frequency. You go through days of almost clear and then get some weird feed back and adjust a little, before you get some awful results and then boom- you hit the sweet spot. You find a crystal clear balance of macros and quality foods.


We could all hit our recommended macros every day by filling them with lettuce, beer, protein bars, cookies or fried chicken. Choosing foods that “technically” fit into your macros but are filled with crap might give you some kinda view of your results, but it won’t be crystal clear or energizing for your body. You’ll still be getting that radio feedback of mix results. While we know that every now and again you need to eat something less than desirable because you’re out and in a pinch, listen to the feedback you’re getting when you do that and adjust by reaching for that quality whole food when you can to find your perfect station. You’ll be singing with joy when your macros meet quality food.