Last week I promised I'd let you in in my podcast obsession by sharing one of the many I listen in a week (or a day).  I will continue to do so but today I'm letting you in my meditation practice instead.

I've been practicing different types of meditation since I was six years old, with some on and off strikes through my teens because no teenager wants to listen to her dad telling her to meditate daily because it's good for her (yeah that was my dad). 

Last year, meditating became a little more challenging. Old anxiety issues I hadn't experienced in a few years came back. Luckily, I know meditating makes this issues manageable so in search of something to keep me accountable I did some research and discovered my favourite meditation app: "CALM" check "Mindfulness and Mindfulness Apps" for the full review

Lately I've been procrastinating more than I want to, so today I decided to replace my morning meditation with one of the many mindfulness programs offered by Calm called "7 days of focus"

Day 1 is dedicated to AWARENESS

  Here are some excerpts from today's practice: 

**Disclaimer: content from the app has been edited for the purposes of this blog**

1. Attention is a limited resource. Distractions are everywhere. 

2. Noticing when our attention has drifted away is the first step to bringing it back.

3. Don't worry when your mind wanders. This is what minds do. Just to notice when it does and use it as an opportunity to bring it back just as you do with your breath. 

4. The practice is about noticing our habits and patterns.

5. Keep returning to your breath over and over. There is no right or wrong, it's the practice what matters. 

6. The first step to CHANGE is to be AWARE. 

That is all friends. Check back next week and don't forget to stay CALM ;) 


If you find yourself needing to "get back on track" after each holiday. This is the retreat for you. 

If you are taking care of your health and fitness and need a get away that won't derail your training/nutrition goals, this is also for you. 

Join us for 5 days in paradise and get the tools you need to succeed in fitness and nutrition. Transform more than your body by learning how to apply the information we provide you with to your lifestyle. 

Make this the "train-cation" that will allow you to never have to "get back on track" because you will have the tools to stay lean, strong, flexible and stress free even while not on vacation. 

What you will learn: 

  • Nutrition: No stress approach to nutrition. A mindset, not a diet. Learn how and why having no stress surround your nutrition is the best you can do for your health and performance.
  • Bodyweight Strength Training: No time to hit the gym? No problem. Learn the secrets to developing an incredible body with or without equipment.
  • 6 foundational principles that you must have in order to get strong, stay strong and avoid common injuries.
  • Hand balancing for beginners and intermediate levels.
  • Mobility and flexibility for back pain, tight shoulders & hips. Training should heal and not hurt. Let us show you how to avoid common training mistakes in yoga, gymnastics and weightlifting that can lead to injuries and plateaus.
  • Mediation & recovery: In our busy world relaxing is quickly becoming a lost art. Learn meditation and breathing techniques that will support stress management and help you recover fasters and move effectively from your work and training.


  • Guided tour to Havana & it’s rich culture
  • Daily classes led by Paluna Santamaria and Sara-Clare Lajeunesse from Agatsu
  • Organic gardening; visit and learn about sustainability, the organic movement and agriculture in farming for yourself.
  • Kite surfing (weather permitting) 3 classes/2hrs each over 3 days (after that you get 2hrs included with the kites for free time and practice).
  • Optional 1 Hour rejuvenation facial extra $30
  • Review of your fitness and nutrition goals/concerns as well as assessment of one full week of your current nutritional habits to provide you with a starting point. **Provided by Tune-In Nutrition Team: Paluna Santamaria and Lovedeep Dhunna**
  • 6 week bodyweight training program. NO GYM REQUIRED. 


You will be staying in Harmony Villa (Villa Armonia in Spanish) in Playa del Este where you will have access to:

  • Three freshly prepared organic meals from the local gardens in Havana **100% vegetarian option available**
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, smoothies
  • 2 Swimming pools
  • Grocery store
  • Juice & coffee bar open 24/7
  • Main house contains:
  • Meditation room
  • Small library
  • Main lounge
  •  Main dining hall
  • Kitchen
  • Guest villas include:
  • 2-3 bedrooms
  • Each bedroom has its own private en suite bathroom
  • Full kitchen
  • Dinning room/living room
  • Green space
  • Outdoor lounging terrace
  • Steps away from the beach
  • Laundry available at an extra cost
  • Electric supply 110 volts

WHEN? February 13th-17th 2017 Playa del Este Cuba


You are alive, there's no reason to be bored. by Paluna Santamaria

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear” -Nelson Mandela


I've done things in life that most people would consider brave. The truth is. The majority of those times I have been terrified.

Friends ask me how. How did you manage to get through with that?

I just did, because that's the thing with fear, you either embrace it or you sit there paralysed.

I felt like running away , hiding, pretending I was sick. I thought of all the possible excuses but not following through always seemed worse.

Throughout the difficult times, I promised myself that I would never let life kill the sparkle in my eyes. I promised myself that I would remain playful and I would try to smile every day.

Some days all I had to get me through was my athletic practice. No matter how hard life got, if I could spend a moment moving my body I knew I would be able to keep those promises.

My body kept me safe. Movement kept me sane. I could be sad, angry, frustrated or happy.

Movement helped me breathe a little deeper.

Without my yoga practice, my athletic practice, music and journaling I'd probably be heavily medicated. Thankfully, I've never felt the need to experiment with drugs of any kind.

In my job, I have daily encounters with individuals who have also found emotional and physical healing in movement.

Every day I witness and experience the power of a still mind and an active body.

I invite you to stop exercising and start training, get strong, get moving. Do it with passion, do it smart. Follow a program, or don't. Be clear on what you want. Ask for it and go for it.

Stop doing it for looks, for fame, for recognition. Take a second away from social media. Don't compare yourself to others. Do your thing and do it with love for yourself, because the better human being you become, the better the world becomes.

To that article I read the other day which inspired me to write this; you are right, exercising is damn boring so stop and go find purpose. Don't show me another picture of a cute girl doing moves she doesn't want to do but she does them anyways because #butts and #thighs.

Training is the perfect analogy to life. There's grey days and sunny days. No matter what goes on, you still have to open your eyes at some point and look at the challenges right in the face, look at the happiness right in the face, embrace all of it, learn from it, experience it.

Please look around. The world is full. Look a little further, dig a little deeper. It will be scary sometimes but I promise you, It will not be boring if you allow yourself to move like no one is watching.

Open your eyes, you are alive, there is no reason to be bored.



An introduction to my new virtual home and the badasses who made it happen by Paluna Santamaria

Some of you may have never seen the old Paluna & Co website and now you never will, but don't worry, there was nothing exciting on there ;)

Welcome to PALUNAMOVES  My new virtual home. A place where all my projects, adventures and sometimes deepest thoughts will live so I can share them with you.

This project has taken longer than I wanted to come to fruition. Mostly, because I needed to work with the right people. One of my friends, said to me once: you are surrounded by amazing people, everyone you have ever introduced me too has been nice, talented and plain awesome.

Well, it's true and it's not luck, it has been my choice to surround myself with people I respect and admire in one way or another. This project is not the exception.

Sweet kindhearted people are easy to find. Sweet, kindhearted, hardworking, open minded, talented, badass, successful, admiring and available, are not. Slowly but surely the universe worked its magic and here there are: 


JACKIE BEALE and her chill spirit and beautiful images.


Thank you for bringing peace and calm to my days with your images. Thank you for sitting with me and truly listening to what I had to say. For understanding my point of view and making me feel like I wasn't crazy for wanting to use your images instead of photos of me posing or flexing.

Your images are a series of small magic worlds that thanks to your eyes become a universe I want to live in.

Check out Jackie


JOEL TELLIER and his simple and sophisticated designs.


Thank you for taking the time to read my endless blabbing about the concept of this project. I still have no idea how you created what you created with the information I gave you.

Your work represents everything I wanted this to be. Clear, simple, clean, different, powerful, genderless, timeless.

I'm sorry I have to quote our last text here but in a period where it seems all I've been doing is fighting for what I believe in, these words have its place: “We're 100% right all the time and they're 100% wrong.”

Sorry folks, sometimes it has to be that way. We won't know if it was a mistake until we try it so Joel, once again, thank you for supporting me in doing the opposite of what 90% of people wanted me to do.

Check out Joel


MARY RUTH YOUNG and her many talents.


Thank you for caring, for listening, for going the extra mile, for teaching me so much without even trying. Seriously, how do you that? For being so cool, so easy going, so inspiring and so amazing.

I feel truly blessed to have met you and to have had the opportunity to work with you.

Check out Mary


Im sure this project will continue to evolve as the crazy perfectionist person I can be. I'm already thinking of what needs to improve. For now, I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I do.