Using Community for Success: A note from Tune-In Member Patricia Allison by Paluna Santamaria

Hi Tune-In Team! A little note about my experience on Tune-In and sharing a little love…


I’m currently on my second 12 week cycle of Tune-In. The last round I did was when I needed to cut weight for a weight class during my weight lifting competitions in the Fall and now this round one I’m maximizing my energy and efficiency as prep for the upcoming show I’m dancing in.


Oh boy, do I ever love these people and this community! While the journey hasn’t always been easy, it’s been worth it. I’ve seen some great success and felt amazing. But, I wouldn’t be able to do it without this kick ass community of support. Big thanks to the brilliant Paluna and LoveDeep who are informative and clear and always available to answer questions.  I went into this thinking that I knew everything I needed to about my body and eating, but have learnt so so much and I’m excited to learn more.


But you know what else makes Tune-In super great? Every single one of you! The Facebook and community support is amazing. It would be impossible without all of you. It helps that I work with and work out next to folks that are on a similar path to me. I always say “surround yourself with greatness and good things will happen” and I really do here! It makes the world of difference to me to be able to look over and ask advice or share my experience with a buddy who knows what I’m going through. In my darkest moments when I’m on a low-fat week or craving for some carbs, I love that I’m able to reach out and hear other personal stories and get first hand advice. I hope you all know that if you need recipe ideas or just an ear to listen- I’ll be there for you too.


Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a community junkie- I believe it takes a whole village of support to make goals come true and that’s why I love Tune-In Nutrition. 

TUNE-IN nutrition TUESDAY TIPS: Quality Foods For Crystal Clear Frequency by Paluna Santamaria


Tuning into quality can sometimes feel like trying to find a radio frequency. You go through days of almost clear and then get some weird feed back and adjust a little, before you get some awful results and then boom- you hit the sweet spot. You find a crystal clear balance of macros and quality foods.


We could all hit our recommended macros every day by filling them with lettuce, beer, protein bars, cookies or fried chicken. Choosing foods that “technically” fit into your macros but are filled with crap might give you some kinda view of your results, but it won’t be crystal clear or energizing for your body. You’ll still be getting that radio feedback of mix results. While we know that every now and again you need to eat something less than desirable because you’re out and in a pinch, listen to the feedback you’re getting when you do that and adjust by reaching for that quality whole food when you can to find your perfect station. You’ll be singing with joy when your macros meet quality food. 

Tune-In Nutrition // Tuesday Tips: Pureé by Paluna Santamaria

Let me start by breaking the sad news to you: Oreos are not daily requirements to improve your health (maybe for the two seconds of happiness they'll bring but that's for another post). 

However you do NEED to eat a wide variety of vegetables and some fruits for many reasons including vitamins and fibre. Since I love vegetables and hate cooking I end up eating pretty boring items. I add variety by switching up spices and ways of cooking (mostly steaming or roasting). 

Few months ago I went back to being a toothless baby. Yes, I now blend my fruits and vegetables to make pureé. Don't judge it until you try it!

Top image: steamed carrot, broccoli, cauliflower and garlic with herbs as a side for my meats! 

Bottom image: cottage cheese, apples, stevia and cinnamon as a post workout snack! 

Be creative, add pecans or almonds, sprinkle raw cacao powder maybe some shredded cheese to the veggies.

Do you have a combo you think we'll love? Share it in the comments! 


Do something you hate to look good. by Paluna Santamaria



Above are a few statements I read on an article few months ago. The piece showcased few exercises to be done at the park which got me excited right away, sadly I was soon disappointed. 

This article had so much potential. It could've promoted movement as a way to reduce stress, spend more time with your loved ones and generally live a happier life. Instead, the writing and choice of exercises suggested people should only exercise to look better or because the doctor says it's good for you. 

When I read it, I was so upset I went on a Facebook rant which I rarely do. This rant, ended up being a good thing so Im going to share it with you today: 

"There's room for all of us in this fitness world. The ones who exploit the industry by telling you you need to work out to look a certain way, the ones who practice something three times, take two certs, train a few friends and call themselves an expert and the ones who after years of training still view themselves as beginners, the ones who only teach what they've mastered, the ones who have such respect for their students and teachers that wouldn't dare to call themselves an expert or a master of anything. Working out and training are not the same thing. For all of you who get it, who get that moving is not a chore is a gift we've been given. All of you who are full of curiosity and understand that having control of your body goes way beyond pretty clothes and cute bums. Training has no end destination. It's the journey what makes it worth it. It is not a punishment for what you ate or something you do to "fix" your body. You are not broken, it's your mindset that needs work."

As someone who spent the majority of her teen years in a dysfunctional household. I can say that being active kept me sane and happy.  

You are bored because you are not paying attention. Because your mind is so narrow that you can only see what's right in front of you. 

I'm posting now because I'm no longer angry which seems like the best time to express my thoughts.  

I just hope one day you  realize that nothing magical happens when you get the cute bum or the shredded abs. Magic happens when you shift your focus and allow yourself to move. 



It goes like this: life happens, stress appears. The more stressed we become the more we stop taking care of ourselves so we become more stressed. 

I have an idea. Let's not do that anymore.

Here are three simple things to do ideally everyday but specially when stress piles up:


1. Eat well: this is how we function and rebuild from our day. Prep your food in advance with things that satisfy you. You need balanced meals often and consistently to compete against the stress your body is experiencing from training, life or both. 


2. Find down time: relax, breathe, walk, meditate. Apps like Calm (my fave) or Headspace (very popular but I can't stand the guy's voice, sorry dude) are a great altrenative, you can choose anything from 2-30min meditations. Nothing super hippie (nothing wrong if you are into it)  simple mindfullness. ALWAYS make time for this, it will go a long way to support recovery and rebalance stress


3. Move: Try not to take up an all or nothing approach with training. Make it a goal to do something that makes you sweat and brings your heart rate up each day. Sometimes a brisk walk listening to your favourite music is all you need. 


Now let's be honest. You will forget this list exists because well, life happens and stress happens so how about you print it out or write this down somewhere visible, perhaps in the kitchen or by the bathroom mirror? Just an idea.

Have a chill Tuesday and check back next week :) 



If you find yourself needing to "get back on track" after each holiday. This is the retreat for you. 

If you are taking care of your health and fitness and need a get away that won't derail your training/nutrition goals, this is also for you. 

Join us for 5 days in paradise and get the tools you need to succeed in fitness and nutrition. Transform more than your body by learning how to apply the information we provide you with to your lifestyle. 

Make this the "train-cation" that will allow you to never have to "get back on track" because you will have the tools to stay lean, strong, flexible and stress free even while not on vacation. 

What you will learn: 

  • Nutrition: No stress approach to nutrition. A mindset, not a diet. Learn how and why having no stress surround your nutrition is the best you can do for your health and performance.
  • Bodyweight Strength Training: No time to hit the gym? No problem. Learn the secrets to developing an incredible body with or without equipment.
  • 6 foundational principles that you must have in order to get strong, stay strong and avoid common injuries.
  • Hand balancing for beginners and intermediate levels.
  • Mobility and flexibility for back pain, tight shoulders & hips. Training should heal and not hurt. Let us show you how to avoid common training mistakes in yoga, gymnastics and weightlifting that can lead to injuries and plateaus.
  • Mediation & recovery: In our busy world relaxing is quickly becoming a lost art. Learn meditation and breathing techniques that will support stress management and help you recover fasters and move effectively from your work and training.


  • Guided tour to Havana & it’s rich culture
  • Daily classes led by Paluna Santamaria and Sara-Clare Lajeunesse from Agatsu
  • Organic gardening; visit and learn about sustainability, the organic movement and agriculture in farming for yourself.
  • Kite surfing (weather permitting) 3 classes/2hrs each over 3 days (after that you get 2hrs included with the kites for free time and practice).
  • Optional 1 Hour rejuvenation facial extra $30
  • Review of your fitness and nutrition goals/concerns as well as assessment of one full week of your current nutritional habits to provide you with a starting point. **Provided by Tune-In Nutrition Team: Paluna Santamaria and Lovedeep Dhunna**
  • 6 week bodyweight training program. NO GYM REQUIRED. 


You will be staying in Harmony Villa (Villa Armonia in Spanish) in Playa del Este where you will have access to:

  • Three freshly prepared organic meals from the local gardens in Havana **100% vegetarian option available**
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, smoothies
  • 2 Swimming pools
  • Grocery store
  • Juice & coffee bar open 24/7
  • Main house contains:
  • Meditation room
  • Small library
  • Main lounge
  •  Main dining hall
  • Kitchen
  • Guest villas include:
  • 2-3 bedrooms
  • Each bedroom has its own private en suite bathroom
  • Full kitchen
  • Dinning room/living room
  • Green space
  • Outdoor lounging terrace
  • Steps away from the beach
  • Laundry available at an extra cost
  • Electric supply 110 volts

WHEN? February 13th-17th 2017 Playa del Este Cuba


Follow through Friday by Paluna Santamaria


The Tune-In Nutrition team strongly believes that attitude is everything. We work with each client individually to ensure they get to a point in their journey were they no longer need our services. 

The toughest part of any program is letting go of old patterns and building new habits. To achieve long lasting results and get out of the diet mentality we must change our attitude; one step at a time. Easy to say right? We know, just keep reading. 

What if instead of dreading Monday you decided to be excited for the week ahead? What if you chose one thing to look forward to? 

What if instead of the TGIF Im going to forget about my goals, eat everything in sight just because it's there mentality you chose to take a deep breath and ask yourself: do I really want that beer? Do I need an entire pizza? Somedays the honest answer will be yes, those days go for it, enjoy it and move on! However, often times we make less optimal choices to make-up for areas in our lives we are unhappy with. 

So let's start simple, with the things we can control.

Enter FOLLOW THROUGH FRIDAY. We won't call it a challenge. We will call it a choice. You choose to follow through because you know this will benefit you. 

This is how it works: 

On Friday, pick one thing that will help you improve your physical, mental or emotional health. Write it on a piece of paper and place it somewhere visible.

Take a picture of your words or an image that represents your choice, post it on Instagram

Tag @tunein.nutrition using the hashtags #FTF #FollowThroughFriday 

The following Friday let us know how it went by posting a new item to add or by repeating the same one. 

Remember to start small. Don't stress if you mess up or forget one day, just start again as soon as possible. We are building a habit. Something that will become part of your routine. 

Here are some examples: 

  • I will drink one full glass of water upon wakening. 
  • I will wake up 10min before my usual time to have alone quiet time to do whatever I want. 
  • I will take 5 calming breaths every morning before getting out of bed or every night before I sleep. 
  • I will take a non-rushed walk in my neighbourhood. 

Not a fan of social media? No problem. Follow the same steps minus the Instagram part. The point is to make it work. 

The Reward System by Paluna Santamaria

At the end of a long day, especially when you’re tired and hungry, it’s easy to use food (or beverages) as your reward system. A nice glass of wine to help you unwind or a cupcake to treat yourself for desert. This is totally fine every now and again, but getting in the habit of it can throw your macros off in a BIG way.


Solution to this? Prepare in advance.

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